Hi and welcome to my site. My name’s Priscilla and I’m a photographer with a passion for simple and powerful photography.

I’ve worked in a variety of sectors, traveled to numerous places, and had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people.

I’ve learnt through my experiences, that there is beauty in everything, if you just take a moment to pause.

Look at my portfolio of work. If you choose to use me, you’ll find a bespoke centred service. Photographs carry powerful energy, and style and content will always be personal. My aim is to tailor images to your specific needs and desired look. There is no one size fits all with photography as every person’s needs and desire’s will be different.

My focus is to make every client experience feel special. I want to know what you’re looking to portray in your photos, in order to make your photo creation experience perfect.

About me ~ I’m a photographer by day, and an amateur candle maker and collector by night. I also love Yoga, meditation, and I have a thing for indoor plants. (They give me my O2, and I give them my left over CO2!)


A photo is a story we fail to put into words.

Detsin Sparks